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Snowy Forest



Prolonged exposure to cold can cause hypothermia 


Many injuries and accidents are caused by slippery conditions


Wet clothes make you lose body heat increasing your risk of hypothermia.


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Emergency Services

  • If you believe you are experiencing a life emergency, please dial 911. 

  • DO NOT make EDGE your first call as we cannot help you in that way.

  • We will be monitoring the storm and the phones during the storm.  Our 24-Hour Emergency Service can be reached by calling 303.839.1201 – option ‘2’.

Utility Notice & Outages

  • Visit the Weather Center FIRST if you are experiencing an outage.

  • Embedded in our Storm Center are links to many local utilities including Xcel Energy, Comcast, Century Link and Denver Water to name a few.

  • If your heat is lost, be sure to let water trickle from the kitchen/bathroom faucet(s) and open the cabinets as well to keep warm air circulating.   This small step can help prevent freezing pipes.

  • Portable space heaters are NOT to be left unattended, facing furniture, near piles of clothes / paper.

  • A gas space heater should always be used cautiously and is not allowed in any of EDGE’s properties.  Special attention to ensure fresh air is flowing through the home – including keeping a window open at all times – so residents will not be overcome with fumes.

  • Expect internet / wireless access to become spotty - especially where power is lost.

    • So, keep phones & tablets charged as much as possible!

Downed Trees 

  • Use caution where trees may be broken, powerlines downed, and cars are stuck or off the road.

  • We expect police, fire, CDOT and utilities to all have crews active across the Metro.

  • They may be the first responders to such events and are better equipped for these events.

  • Should your home be damaged during the storm, again, follow the recommendations list here.

  • Be sure you, your family, pets and neighbor’s safety is taken into consideration first.

  • Common sense goes a long way.

Shoveling / Plowing Status

  • CDOT has made clear their plowing priorities will be interstates, highways, and main roads. 

  • Our snow team will operate through the storm.  Should roads become impassable, our team will do its best to clear walks, stairs, paths and lots. 

  • Still, this will take time so patience is important as well. while not taking unnecessary risks.

  • If you are park in any EDGE managed parking lots, be sure to park your auto in the ‘drive-out’ position from the space (versus ‘back-out’). 

  • Movement is much easier for you and it helps when plowing. 

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