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EDGE Relies On Team Members With Years of Diverse Experience.


We Leverage Cloud Technology Creating A Robust & Secure Customer Experience.


Our Team Strives To Be Responsive To Our Customer’s Needs and Requirements.

Residential Property Management Denver:

The art of property management in Denver and the surrounding areas has been greatly affected by Covid-19. Here at Experience EDGE we have tackled this challenge head on by prioritizing process improvements.

Residential Selection Process:

At Experience EDGE, our resident selection process has been internally scrutinized and has since been vastly improved which has in turn has reduced both risk and liability for our clients. 

Property Maintenance:

Maintenance is both tracked and managed to the utmost detail which provides peace of mind for our clients.


Experience EDGE's core objectives are to know its clients – both owners and residents – through open lines of communication, continually seeking input from them on ways to improve our performance, build a diverse and cohesive team of talent, and maintain a solid financial position. But most importantly, it is our desire to “have fun” working with our residents, owners, and vendors, and associate ourselves with people who believe business should be conducted in a way that is fair, ethical, and balanced.



By applying new approaches and technologies, as well as time-tested process and management practices, we have raised the bar in the art of property management. The result has yielded higher returns for our customers, better care of buildings, and far less legal liability for all involved.

We deliver on Quality, Consistency, and Control by following the following principles:

  • Revenue Preservation and Stability

  • Superior Market Knowledge and Marketing

  • Consistent Tenant Selection and Focused Retention

  • Proactive Building Maintenance

  • Accurate and Appropriate Bookkeeping, Accounting and Finance


Anthony Girard

Owner / Broker

With more than thirty years of consulting, corporate management and small business experience, Anthony hold's a unique view and understanding of how quickly markets, customers and businesses change. Regardless of their size, location or industry – our team experiences have taught the importance of laying out a macro plan that sets the direction – and then we work to realize it.

Business Objective: EDGE Properties, Inc.'s objective was and continues to build and expand upon our personal property management experience and real estate investment ownership. The phrase "to optimize the business performance of EDGE's real estate portfolio" are not simply words. They requires each of us to strive to deliver on the following:

- Establish a reasonably clear understanding of the investment
including its condition, resident profile and investor performance expectations,

- Determine the level of commitment the investor has to their investments,
specifically the time, money, energy and patience for those investments,

- Provide a road map to “integrate and assimilate” the investments and on-going ‘check in’ points to reconcile performance to plan.

We operate both my personal portfolio and our Clients' investments using current market knowledge, industry data. Those investments we have seen ‘average’ properties performing above average’ or better -- even when the robust market of 2014 is taken into consideration!

Key Learning: There are situations when even the most skilled professional must put his ego aside and recognize that 'thinking outside the box' may include exiting that situation, accept the sunk cost as tuition and then regroup to use the knowledge gained from those experiences. 

Erik Drayson

Director of Portfolio Operations / Broker

Is a Dynamic, Energetic, and Highly Experienced Director of Portfolio Operations in Commercial and Residential Property Management with many years of solid history of success, including oversight of multimillion-dollar properties. Steadfast leader, mentor, and coordinator with track record of steering improvement projects to completion on time and on budget, guiding top-performing teams, and optimizing internal operations. Talent for cultivating and supporting tenant relationships, leading to high occupancy rates, minimal turnover, and renewal of long-term leases.


Here are a few Skills Erik Specialize's in:

  • Facility Management

  • Tenant Relations

  • Administrative

  • Monitor building expenditures, tenant files, and rent collection.

  • Follow-up on House Rule Violations and Rent Delinquency.

  • Provide Guidance to Building Managers in Emergency Situations.

  • Participate in the Creation and Implementation of Departmental Strategies, Operational Procedures, Policy Development and Budget Development.

The foundation of Erik's success has been his ability to understand his customers and exceed their expectations. Erik has an innate ability to anticipate the needs of his customers and to resolve potential issues. Erik enjoys working with many different types of clients and project sizes. His clients have invested extensive time and resources into their properties and expect only the best, which is his responsibility to deliver. Erik has also worked closely with clients who have needed a specific project and he takes pride in any project that is associated with his name.

Throughout Erik's history, he has developed a close working relationship with contractors and subcontractors. This involves going over each detail of a project from start to finish, ensuring that contractors show up when scheduled, and putting out fires when issues come up. Being able to think on his feet and come up with solutions is a huge responsibility and one that Erik embraces. Erik has been involved in architecture and construction in some capacity for 20 plus years. Many of those owning a design/build company.  Property management has been a seamless transition as many skills required to perform this job efficiently have been part of my work vernacular for many years.  

Erik's education includes a Masters of Architecture at the University of Colorado in Denver - 2003 and a Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology and Chemistry at the University of Colorado in Denver - 1997 and an Associate of Occupational Studies Degree in Advertising and Design, Colorado Institute of Art, Denver - 1988


Laura Hill

Office Manager

Highly trained office Manager with 10+ years of experience who is responsible for the overall internal daily operations of Experience EDGE. Laura's desire for accuracy and attention to detail has helped the department maintain a stellar reputation.

Here are a few Skills Laura Specialize's in:

  • Organizing induction programs for new employees

  • Liaising with staff, suppliers and clients

  • Dealing with correspondence, complaints and queries

  • Report Generation

  • Managing office budgets

  • Using a range of software packages

  • Decision making

  • Time management
  • Training
  • Records management
  • Experience with Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Leadership abilities
  • Creative problem solving
  • Oral and written communication skills
  • Prioritization
  • Scheduling

Shane Smyth

Manager of E-marketing and Data Standards

An organized and creative professional who has experience working with a diverse group of clients and organizations. Through this experience Shane has gained extensive knowledge in web based marketing, data analysis and publication marketing. 

Shane is adaptable with a proven knowledge of staff training and development, advanced report generation and record management. 

Here are a few Skills Shane Specialize's in:

  • Automation

  • Advanced Microsoft Suite

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Report Generation

  • Quality Control

  • Data Analysis and Vizualition

  • Template Creation

  • Google Data Studio

  • Training

  • Appfolio

  • Quality Assurance

  • Internal Auditing

  • Knowledge Across Sectors

  • Power BI