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Covid 19

Health & Community

   EDGE takes the health and safety of our residents very seriously. We have compiled a list of resources to help you navigate in these trying time.

Covid Updates for Colorado

Below are state & local sites that provide the latest and reliable updates;

Colorado’s Dept of Health & Environment:

Denver County:

Additional cities and counties:  


  • EDGE has prepared an Employer Info Release form: HERE

  • Please​ download if your job is impacted by coronavirus.

Financial resources

There are many other community government agencies, religious organizations and non-profits out there as well. to provide varying levels of assistance.

PLEASE SEE THE list below

Rental Assistance

  • Colorado Department of Local Affairs

To Qualify for the Emergency Housing Assistance Program (EHAP):

- You were unable to pay your rent, mortgage or mobile home lot rent because you experienced financial need due to COVID-    19.

- Your household monthly income is at or below the maximum income listed here.


- You have not already received rental assistance that covered your rent or mortgage or mortgage forbearance.


- You complete the application for assistance and provide all of the needed documentation.  Other qualifications and             documentation required will be explained by the agency you work with to access the funds.

- Units that receive rental assistance through a voucher program are not eligible.


  • The Temporary Rental and Utility Assistance program (TRUA)

(Only for DENVER)

- 3-1-1 and press 6

- You will be asked to:

- (1) Provide proof of your household income

- (2) Provide proof of Denver residency/ Provide proof of your rent, mortgage or utilities due


- (3) Provide information about the cause of your housing crisis (job loss, unsafe housing conditions, potential eviction, foreclosure, and/or shutoff notice.

Things to know:

- (1)This program is for Denver residents only

- (2) This is temporary assistance when you face a housing crisis


- (3) Assistance payments will be made directly to your landlord, lender, servicer or utility company


- (4) Your household must meet income limits (earning $54,950 or less for one person, or $78,500 or less for a household of four


OR go to form:

For example:

Choose your zip code;

80110, 80123, 80202, 80204, 80209, 80210, 80211, 80212, 80216, 80219, 80221, 80223, 80227, 80235, 80236-   Your neighborhood is served by Brothers Redevelopment, Inc.


Please fill out their form using the link below or call 720-697-6300.




  • Resident Relief Foundation


Qualifications to apply:

- You are facing eviction within 30 days.

- You’ve been a resident in your current community for 9+ months and intend to say in your home; NOTE: for those affected by COVID-19, this requirement has been temporarily reduced to 3 months. This will be in effect until March 31, 2021.

- The financial crisis was unexpected and outside of your control. You have taken every step possible to reduce your monthly expenses. In the event of a death, please be prepared to provide a copy of the death certificate;

- You paid your rent timely every month for the previous five years – we allow only one late payment before the crisis; NOTE: for those affected by COVID-19, this requirement has been temporarily modified as follows. This will be in effect until March 31, 2021.

- For residencies of 1 year or less -1 late payment

2 years – 2 late payments

3 years – 3 late payments

4 years – 4 late payments

5+ years – 5 late payments

- You have not violated any terms of your lease;

- You have enough income moving forward to cover your rent and expenses; alternatively, you have a good job prospect or other income expected within a specific period of time and can provide supporting documentation meaning job offer letter, proof of upcoming SS, disability or unemployment benefits, etc.; 


- For those affected by COVID-19 and cannot show proof of sufficient future income, we will consider a maximum grant of 2 months of rental assistance.

- You agree to participate in eVolve, an online financial education program, at our expense, as a condition of receiving a grant.  You must be fully completed with the program before your request is submitted to our Board.

  • The Denver Colorado Mile High Rental Assistance Hotline offers access to referrals and information on rental assistance programs by zip code across the Denver County area. There are a couple different phone numbers to call, and they include 303.561.2133 (Spanish), or dial 303.5612130 (English). Other Denver area non-profits to call for rent help include the following listed below.

  • St. Paul Local Assistance Ministry - Offers referrals to emergency shelters and housing. May have limited funds to help pay rent, in small amounts, as the money they pay out is largely donations from congregation members. (720) 274-4710

  • Christian Broadcasting Network (also known as the 700 Club), phone number is 303.431.8295

  • Adventist Community Services is a non-profit that helps with preventing evictions and can meet payment demands. 303.935.7386

  • Denver ESG - Non-profit agencies, if they have funding, pass out money for security deposits or rent. Callers can also get information on eviction prevention services, legal support, transitional housing, and grants for paying various housing or rental expenses. Dial (303) 561-2111 for referrals.

  • Mennonite Urban Ministry offers housing assistance programs in a limited region. Call 303-892-6416

  • Broadway Assistance Center is another agency to call for rental assistance, and emergency funds are  available on a case by case basis to applicants. 1212 Mariposa St. you can walk in and do not need to call. (303) 893-4108

  • Good Shepherd, Saint Vincent de Paul Society, covers the area of South of 17th Avenue, North of Cherry Creek Drive, West of Colorado Boulevard, East of Race Street, and can distribute rent help. (303) 322-7706

  • Association For Senior Citizens, phone number (303) 455-9642, The mission of the Association for Senior Citizens is: to promote the self-sufficiency of all senior citizens in Colorado, to ensure that no senior citizen goes without the necessities of life, including shelter, food and public services, and to help low-income seniors remain stable and independent in their own homes.

Get organized

  • Prepare a list of all your bills 

    • e.g., utility, cell phone, credit card and, of course, your landlord.

  • If you are furloughed or laid off from your job, get it in writing. 

  • Information of this type is required to apply for unemployment and any other assistance you apply for.

prepare a budget

  • Calculate how much money you need to live from a best and worst case.

  • Establish if this is daily, weekly or monthly.

  • It is always best to summarize the numbers to a month level.




  • It is imperative you communicate in a timely manner.

  •  Call our office – 303.839.1201 or send us an email via your resident portal.

  • The more you keep EDGE up to date, the better we are able to direct you.

for residents on assistance 

  • Please reach out to your case workers directly if you are having financial difficulties paying bills or rent due to the coronavirus.

NOTE: This site is updated as information is made available to us. Meanwhile, we are asking all our clients and residents to stay safe and remain calm.

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